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Not In the Face!

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Created by lermilo

Either Way I Want Some

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Created by Jeremy5003

Zelda's a Girl! Get It Right, Gaw!

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Created by DivideByZeroError

Shut Up, Navi

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Created by joemamaphat

How I Developed Alektorophobia

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Created by ILuffNinjawz

Zombie Hands Are One-Hundred Times Creepier Than Plain Zombies

Bar Graph scary zelda - 5907038976
Created by mitchells2003

Who Left These Hearts in the Grass?

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Hipsters Evolved Before It Was Cool

Harry Potter hipsters infographic Pokémon triangle zelda - 4263730688
Created by Unknown

Panic Like a Ninny

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All About Nintendo

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What I spend my time doing in Zelda games

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Classic: Not in the Face!

face eye video game zelda - 5291693056
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See Also: Exploring the Water Temple?

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When you find rupees in Legend of Zelda

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