yahoo answers

Yahoo Answers are not just answers user's post to questions on Yahoo. Yahoo! Answers is a specific type of trolling in which a stupid question gets asked, followed up by an even stupider answer, by different people and with no coordination between the two. 

Google for Dummies

google Pie Chart trolling useless wikipedia yahoo answers - 4483021056
By julio_wrathchild

how trying to find a file online goes

broken computer find flowchart google internet link online wait yahoo answers - 3228984576
By iwantzchezburger

Maybe They're an Expert

answer best Pie Chart yahoo answers - 5794468608
By kram-alukes

Who young people turn to for help these days

friends help internet parents people Pie Chart teachers websites yahoo answers young - 2514511104
By Dog_lover22

Where kids get answers about sexual problems

answers doctors kids parents Pie Chart problems sexual teachers yahoo answers - 3104526080
By GrilledAngus

Use For Yahoo! Answers

Pie chart showing how most of yahoo answers goes to failblog eventually.
By Samin09 (Via Yahoo Answers)

I Sat On a Toilet Right After a Boy Used It

Pie Chart pregnant questions yahoo answers - 5182284032
By snoopyrebel

4chan pedobear Pie Chart trolling tumblr yahoo answers - 4162623232
By Team_Victoria

When I'm Trying to Find the Answer to a Question

answers google questions the internet yahoo answers - 3695647488
By Unknown

answers homework like math Pie Chart questions sex yahoo answers - 3401360384
By manrayer88