Quality of a Joke

Bar Graph hear joke lol quality say wtf - 2645897216
By Vente1

Inception is Tricky

wtf Inception movies - 4513090048
By MattheJ1


wtf girls dance - 4500689152
By raiderscheer123

A Couple of Derps

meat twilight vampire wtf - 5148681984
By beeeeeeeeer

Good Thing I've Got Netflix

jersey shore mtv Pie Chart television wtf - 5052290304
By Hayley

Chart Topping Musicians

america keha michael jackson Music nickelback the Beatles wtf - 3694704640
By racedogg2

The correlation is unprecedented

wtf karaoke - 7150227200
Via Bite

Old Navy, Y U Make Me Feel Thin?!

fashion size wtf - 5193864960

Who Needs Pants?

wtf pants happy - 5138660096
By PwnPal

Most useful flowchart ever

wtf flow chart - 7293577984
By Nontenda

Who says the word "igloo"?

wtf americans canadians - 7329380352
By bananasapien

I Blame Jaws

equation Sad sharks wtf - 5216450304
By Bast

You're Way Outside the Club's Comfort Zone

wtf - 4511954176

Never Friend Your Family

wtf bad idea facebook family - 7170181376
By NinjaLuke99

Can I Stay With You?

wtf friend idiots - 4503117824
By TyphoidMarty

Why I Bought My Backpack

wtf pockets backpack - 7152795392
By Unknown