This Infograph Might Just Be Wrong Enough To Be Convincing

infographic wrong - 7889250304
By Derp-a-derp (Via

Probability of being filmed

Bar Graph childhood crowded DVD family graduation hollywood illegal photos probability stupid wrong - 2997939712
By pianist-master

Signs you have the wrong Chiropractor

wrong Pie Chart - 6970040576
By markot9

alone Bar Graph epic FAIL people watching wrong - 3613462272
By Bubdude123

Why people watch NASA spaceship takeoff

awesome nasa Pie Chart watch wrong - 3161794304
By Unknown

Probability that you have done something wrong

nothing probability Sad talk wrong - 2654878720
By Zoda-Z

What people do right after their cat has done something wrong

911 bad call Cats cheezburger clean mess pictures Pie Chart scream wrong - 2454123264
By Unknown

Chance of keeping your job if you're WRONG more than 75% of the time

doctor engineer job president weather wrong - 2059827456
By jpblue87

The Birthday Card Paradox

age birthday expensive funny offensive paradox picture price reasonable venn diagram wrong - 3094846720
By Unknown

I Can't Believe I Just Laughed at That

comedian comedy funny venn diagram wrong - 6357483008
By legendce

The Customer Is Always...

always customers right tool wrong - 2049479936
By starcommandjenn

Not, "What's Wrong With You"?

math Pie Chart what people say when wrong - 5764254976
By Unknown