Dry Erase Marker, Lipstick, Sharpie, Bodily Fluids

drawing Line Graph pen pencil writing - 4704532224
By beansprout101

Taking Notes

paper school writing - 6349111808
By Unknown

Which Font to Use...

font Pie Chart write writing - 5385821184
By Unknown

Pencil Use: a Chart

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By Unknown

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By seattledude5151

sad truth

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By adelmaiden

TL;DR Doesn't Count

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By onecoolnerd

cheat class crying facebook FAIL Hall of Fame notes Pie Chart procrastination reading research school small writing - 3364932096
By mashabedda

Sometimes I Spell Out Et Cetera to Increase My Word Count

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Devolution of Penmanship

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By Unknown

Please Don't Become a Tattoo Artist

Bar Graph handwriting ink writing - 4655004416
By mrgiles

Did I Really Misspell my Own Last Name?

assignments Bar Graph homework papers school writing - 4645882368
By starwars42

Time Spent Writing My Essays

education essays school writing - 1629188352
By lolbex

I'm Paying How Much For This?

college math Pie Chart writing - 5907216896
By Unknown

Shake Vigorously and Dismantle the Pen, Losing the Spring in the Process

annoying Office pens Pie Chart school writing - 4664965632
By kristinoct14

Twenty Minutes Until Class? No Problem

class essays Line Graph school writing - 5967856640
By Unknown
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