What happens when you want to show a tecnician that something is not working

not Pie Chart shot tech support working - 2447107328
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The Creative Process

bar working panic crying - 6723154688
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Bar Graph blue color count green markers number red working yellow - 3336508672


job working Line Graph unemployment - 6937731072
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Me Missing Work vs. Boss Noticing

bar graphs boss day early image late long lunch minutes missing normal work working - 3059204864
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Corporate Structure and You

flowchart you business working jobs - 6662746880
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Working with electronics

device electronics stupid tiny working - 2952993536
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University Computer Labs

current internet keyboard missing mouse old power software sorry university venn diagram web working - 3156758272
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Working the Info Desk at the Bookstore:

books desk manga need oprah Pie Chart school working - 2884019200
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The School Bathroom Paradox

bad paradox smells taken toilet paper venn diagram working - 2850148096
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Amount of Customers where I work

Bar Graph friends working - 6669814528
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Working From Home

avoid drink font home lunch Pie Chart porn searching work working youtube - 3095365888
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Paws What You're Doing, I Need Something Right Meow

pets working Cats Pie Chart - 7974815232
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