Men Are Simple Creatures

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Via The Daily Snooze

Why guys own paper towels

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By zharriso

Teaching Yourself French Is a Good Idea

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By geekchicakum

What I Do Not Want My Child to See

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By ddavis82991

So, Are You Pregnant or What?

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Personal Hygiene: Men vs Women

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Via Pleated Jeans

Re-Plotted: You Still Better Have Been Inspired

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By Unknown

Hormones? You?

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By djlynx

Why You're Single

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By Unknown

How Do They Know?

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By Unknown

Reason why women go see 'X-men origins: Wolverine'

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By leia_nog

I Said Chartreuse, Honey!

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By Unknown

Just Suck It Up and Be a Man

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By Unknown

Also a Good Indicator of Drunkenness

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By scott8919

5 Types of Men Who Are Good With Their Hands

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By Rachelbarney (Via E Replacement Parts)

How Women Flirt

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Via The American Kid
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