Current Science Research Budget

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By Willosaur360

I Just Call it the Boot

countries infographic languages spelling weird - 4638874112
By piotr_mil

Water, Y U So Sexy?

sexy turn on venn diagram weird - 4998088448
By Unknown

How cool you are if you own a Snuggie

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By rinirae

Team Names Are Weird

baseball weird - 7415852288
By Unknown

The Country Where I Want to Be

Finland infographic languages spelling weird - 4643449344
By stag3k


laws weird - 6210188288
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It Sticks With Me For Weeks

driving people weird - 4797773568
By Akii (Via

Hive of Scum and Villainy

infographic weird - 3893784832
By Unknown

What happens on Marcy's Playground...

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By Pshackleford

Shoes, Really?

infographic phone Sad weird - 5065637376
By Unknown

Maybe I'll Just Take a Cab

infographic languages weird - 4667226880
By spiceonpsn

Here's a Llama, There's a...What The?

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By greatday4awalk

Do You Like Pie?

cake likes Pie Chart weird - 4944406016
By TheCavellucci

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By NormanOzwald

Reasons for Reading Movie Credits

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By Unknown
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