Where the monster is in horror movies

behind horror left monster movies right scary waiting - 2231475456
By boogoyle22

Time Spent Skiing

actually buying drinking Pie Chart sitting skiing time waiting - 3160945920
By hayleyjane

Movie popcorn vs. Time

eating Line Graph Movie Popcorn previews quick start time waiting - 2986456320
By EliCarro

first nerd Pie Chart school tests waiting - 4183047936
By teehee989

What Customers Are Doing When their Pizza Arrives

customers door food hand money pizza TV waiting watching - 1994657536
By Unknown

Can't Feel My Fingers

Bar Graph bus public transportation waiting weather - 4700774400
By cherrybomb35

Time Spent at Six Flags

amusement parks eating losing rides six flags waiting walking yelling - 2036405504
By Unknown

Probability of Dentist Wanting to Have a Conversation With Me

conversation dentist discussion mouth waiting - 2426003200
By johnnaa

What I do while waiting for my toast to pop up

butter clean Hall of Fame kitchen Pie Chart stare toaster waiting - 2906192128
By lolover

Likelihood of UPS guy showing up

delivery hours shower UPS waiting - 1969238784
By falafelicious

Time on Computer Spent

ads computer load Pie Chart time waiting website - 2596274432
By Jenky

What Students Do After Taking A One Year Break From College

break college degree die hate math off package post perform Pie Chart poverty smart students teach teaching theater theatre time uncomfortable waiting - 2380742912
By robstennett3

advertisements Pie Chart waiting website - 3775277312
By Fryphile

Amount of time it takes to get medicine at the pharmacy.

Bar Graph forever front me medicine person seconds time waiting - 3039055616
By youknowme121212

The Challenges of Pet Photography

batteries button camera cute finger Line Graph pets photography room waiting - 2956083200
By tr1c14