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The Infinite Ammo Pistol Does Nothing!

guns Line Graph video games - 4592055552
By fabionunesm

Heinous Crimes in Skyrim

chickens video games Skyrim - 7174911488
By Neonbrigade

Danger of Stepping on Banana

banana Bar Graph cartoons Mario Kart real life video games - 2776418816
By JDTemple

If I Can See a Pixel, I'm Not Playing

graphics Pie Chart priorities video games - 5194479616
By mrkissfan12

Works IRL Too

frustration life Pie Chart video games - 4673776384
By coryv

Gamers Get Girls

gaming gamers relationships video games infographic - 6795796736
Via Daily Infographic

Fear vs. Enemies in Zelda Games

bar graphs legend of zelda graphs video games funny - 7547276544
By mediacroc

Scumbag PC Gamers

PC Pie Chart video games - 7905034752
By LawReadyForThis

I Hate Pyros

Pie Chart video games - 4932062208
By praetor_alpha

Where's a 1-Up When I Need One

mario Pie Chart video games - 5383795456
By Deadhead2393

Pokey Threat Level

mario nintendo video games - 6544366848
Via Bite


addiction alcohol smoking video games - 1677724416
By Bengal_Tigger

boss Pie Chart video games - 3968574720
By Unknown

Why I Sell Things In Skyrim

Pie Chart selling Skyrim video games - 6572878336

car driving nintendo Pie Chart video games - 4330740992
By gadget593

Why you always lose at video games

attention cheat lose Pie Chart skill video games - 3299017984
By Unknown
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