Valentines day

You Mean Singles Awareness Day

forever alone memebase Memes Pie Chart Valentines day - 4461979904
Created by Vinsanity_

The Nerdiest Proposal Ever

best of week infographic nerdy relationships Valentines day - 5838278912
Via Pleated Jeans
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Valentine's Day for Math Nerds

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Most Anticipated Day In February

The Walking Dead Valentines day - 6977617920
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Happy Single's Awareness Day

forever alone Pie Chart Valentines day - 5831269120
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The Venn Diagram of Valentine's Day

movies venn diagram Valentines day - 7061424128
Created by anakin206 ( Via hotchkisscomics )

Fills the Void in My Heart Container

Bar Graph bottles heart IRL Valentines day zelda - 4448273920
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