Countdown to HP7-2: 15 Days and I Still Miss Sirius

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By glee851

Likelihood that my opinion will seriously anger people

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By Tipsy_the_Drunken_Fairy

Someone is Still Searching for Twilight?

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By Unknown

Amount of Acting Classes Needed for:

acting classes movies soccer sports twilight world cup - 3688718080
By Unknown

Replotted: At This Point I Think Stephenie Meyer Is the Person Who Doesn't

Pie Chart regret replotted stephenie meyer twilight - 5486324224
By Unknown

Go Cry, Twihards

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Via Bite

Let Them Drink Blood

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By sigurdgram

Finally Something We All Agree Upon

books never Pie Chart reading twilight - 4416258304
By Unknown

Our Generation's Shakespeare

perfect Pie Chart shakespeare twilight - 5469299456
By Unknown

Don't Make Her Angry... Wait, Nevermind

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By Unknown

Harry Potter vs Twillight

Harry Potter twilight infographic - 7130128896
By Qwertzuy (Via Arguscarhire)

People that should have to register as sex offenders

moms Pie Chart sex twilight - 3031252224
By Lukipela

Bella Is so Misunderstood

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By HanzBonhoeffer

In Kristen's Defense, Her Character Is Awfully Flat

emma watson Harry Potter kristen stewart twilight - 4952495104
By Unknown

Fans, How Annoying Are They?

annoying fans hannah montana heavy metal jonas brothers twilight - 2342159616
By HalloweenDog

We'll Never See the End of This Rivalry

bella Harry Potter Jacob Pie Chart twilight - 4383740672
By its-karla
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