The Truth Hurts

truth jerks parents - 7155712512
Via Jonno Vs the Internet

sh*t I'll Get Fired For

fired stealing truth work - 2109629696
Created by Scarlet_letterman84

Let's All Be Clear About This

lies truth BS - 7739966976
Created by Brian

The Truth

advertising maybe no truth yes - 2059361536
Created by Unknown

What I Learned in Journalism School

fiction marketing school truth - 2295243520
Created by Unknown

Simple Equations

equation truth - 4012333568
Created by Unknown


friends irony Pie Chart truth - 5564616960
Created by Unknown

Splash Damage

games truth damage - 4456020992
Created by 1337speaker

The Truth About Musctaches

cool truth hipsters mustaches - 7356012288
Created by Daniel B.

The Convienent Truth

actors crazy disney jail kids Music singers truth - 2023316224
Created by usctrojanfan77

Revised for More Truth

hate truth grocery store - 7234449920
Created by niklah9

Refresh Available Networks and Pray

computers internet life Pie Chart Sad truth - 4655531008
Created by leomcf

The Tooth About Truthpaste

best of week toothpaste truth - 5712945920
Created by pariksit007

movies quotes truth venn diagram - 3546235904
Created by Speak1967

fact internet Pie Chart truth - 3900595712
Created by Unknown

Gross Exaggeration

anatomy Bar Graph lies size truth - 4697767168
Created by Jhat
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