Guide to Traffic Signals When Driving through or by a College Campus

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By Adfirmus

This is why I hate corporate meetings

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By Unknown

Reasons for traffic on the freeway

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By benditlikebden
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Why You Should Never Live in LA

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Sensitivity of My Hearing VS. Circumstance

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By wintermaiden

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By mmstone

Chance I'll Get Caught by a Red Light

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By museonfire
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World's Sky in One Day

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Likelihood of a song starting on the radio that you actually want to hear.

driving radio Songs stuck traffic - 2348791552
By verlore

eating murphys law traffic - 3832020224
By Shifty1776

Got to Sample Some Great Smog

Pie Chart the worst traffic - 5299324672
By featherpixel

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By Namadu

When I'm Late for Work

boss laziness traffic work - 6532286720
By geekerry

Chances the Light Will be Green

driving light traffic - 1478755072
By icanhasakitty

Percent of Green and Red Lights While Driving

Bar Graph driving early green late lights red traffic work - 2447195392
By KingMercury531

Why Have You Cursed Me Traffic Gods!?

best of week traffic - 6165286656
Via The Doghouse Diaries
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