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Created by Los_Torta

Less Is More

Bar Graph cell phone phone plans sms text message texting - 4702421760

Calm Yourself

Bar Graph boys crush girls responses sms texting - 4985052160
Created by Thrill-Gunner

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Created by miz_reesez

Useage of 'LOL' when texting

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Created by ppowers

Where Do People Check Their Phones?

bathroom bed cell phones texting - 6359212032
Via Tech Crunch

Correct Spelling

Bar Graph big correct head paper presentation spelling texting writing - 2552192512
Created by chrissreef

You're Just So Very Funny

angry lol Pie Chart sms texting - 5249847040
Created by TheBklynbOMB

They Have a Real Purpose?

Pie Chart semicolon texting - 5574771968
Created by Unknown

I'm Never Going to Get a Message Back From Batman

batman phones Pie Chart texting - 5983734016
Created by Ebony

I Was Rocking Out!

App First World Problems phone Pie Chart texting - 5175764736
Created by Mudkip74

My Weekend

internets Pie Chart texting weekends - 6504069376
Created by Unknown

Calculating the Efforts of Falling in Love in the Digital Age

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Created by Salinger78

Signs that you use your smart phone too much.

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And Yet, I Always Reply

crush im Pie Chart texting - 6153913600
Created by MonsieurHolcomb
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