Time my tap spends at each temperature

mordor faucet temperature graphs funny - 7453495040
By Unknown

Temperature of tea

tea temperature - 7050745088
By Unknown

Freeze! Up Against the Wall!

Pie Chart police shower temperature water - 4296559360
By TheRedRider

Jobs That...

fast food french fries hot jobs robots temperature venn diagram - 2797991168
By Unknown

Bar Graph car freezing temperature - 4051943168
By merecarebear

Hot Water in My House

shower temperature - 6951799808
Via I Love Charts

It's Witchcraft that Keeps Them So Hot

Starbucks coffee temperature - 7840430592
Via jack-andsally

It's Painful No Matter What

hot hot pockets temperature - 4740963072
By BooBooBear325

Coffee Awesomeness

coffee cold delicious drinks gross hot temperature - 3692591616
By DarylM

Damn My Shower

hot cold shower temperature - 4509777152
By Unknown

Temperature of Hotpockets: Before and After Cooking

boiling cooking frozen hot hot pockets junk food microwave temperature - 2187797248
By EABray

Classic: It Shouldn't Be Like Cracking a Safe

classic Pie Chart shower temperature - 6135820288
By Unknown


Heat winter temperature - 6850631680
Via Robpollak

Taco Salad, Problem Solved

Bar Graph food microwave temperature - 4516917504
By Unknown

Temperature of vehicle while heading to work

cars leaving Line Graph out parking parking space road temperature trucks vehicle work - 2980357888
By rob222

The Popcorn Steam Is the Worst Part

hot Popcorn temperature - 5169646848
By jessielude
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