People who claim to be insomniacs

teenagers insomnia - 6900601856
By kra7os

mom old people Pie Chart teenagers tweens - 4227182848
By Unknown

Amount of Swears per Conversation

age amount conversation elderly Line Graph old swears teenagers young - 3031071232
By Dumbface

Grunge? You Mean Like When I Forget to Shower?

90s Pie Chart teenagers - 4941734144
By AliNoir

Walmart's Motorized Shopping Carts

exercise hilarious need obese people teenagers use venn diagram Walmart wal mart - 2787538176
By king_myste

I Can't Put My Phone Down Long Enough to Fall Asleep

insomnia internet Pie Chart teenagers - 4942424320
By Unknown

Check Out My Portfolio on Tumblr

cameras Pie Chart teenagers tumblr - 4437449984
By Unknown

What I Do Not Want My Child to See

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By ddavis82991

books facebook internet reading teenagers - 3576999168
By amtn30

And What Comes Afterwards?

college FRIDAY Pie Chart Rebecca Black teenagers - 4558770176
By Unknown

You Don't Understand, I Will Die Without Youtube!

Bar Graph best of week internet interwebs politics teenagers teens youtube - 5445395968
By beckehz

Fear of Teenagers

20s 30s 60s elderly fear kids teenagers - 2254365952
By chrisrichards

What little kids do around teenagers

act annoy cool kids Pie Chart quiet sit teenagers video games - 3263207680

Home Alone Pie Chart teenagers video games - 3726780160
By meepmeeprawr

The Great Secret of Adulthood

growing up Line Graph smart teenagers - 4596248064
By zagood

Your Mom's Mouth...

innuendo Pie Chart sexual teenagers your mom - 4706972928
By Unknown
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