Microsoft Office Autoformat

microsoft Office technology - 1384825088
By mtcal

Time spent on phone with tech support

customer situational humor tech support technology - 1699478272
By a880

CDs Are Too Mainstream

gifs Music Pie Chart progress Sad technology whoa - 5099502336
By Unknown

Likelihood of Finding Proper Grammar on the Internet

grammar internet men spelling technology women - 1503697152
By pingpeppy

Video Game Interest vs. Time

games technology time video games - 1546837248
By bhanna

Where People's Music Really Comes From

internet Music technology - 1609141504
By Mustang

The Race for the First Driverless Car [Infographic]

technology cars infographic - 7148008448
By neomam (Via Car Loan 4u)

Japan monster Pie Chart technology - 3825756416
By Maquis

Cell Phone Ringtones

annoying cell phone Music pop pop stars ringtones technology - 1635064064
By CommanderPanda

Time to Throw it Out the Window

Pie Chart windows technology - 7959584000
By stoatly

More More More

comparison technology - 7712399872
Via Neo Mobile

The contents of my email Inbox

email internet spam technology wife - 1556379904
By partseal

Amount of Ink in My Printer

ink printer technology - 1447518464
By AmericanLink

cat food Pie Chart technology thumbs - 3931372544
By maryme229

Usage of my Cell Phone

phone technology time - 1579200768
By vanitytree

It Always Sounds Nasally

Pie Chart technology voice - 4305933312
By Doldhov