They Have Feelings Too

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By newtonstein

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By drumstik752

I Hope You Brought Enough For Everyone

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By caf0162

Sorry, It Needs to Be More Prettier

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By obsidianz

Facebook "Recommend a Friend"

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By willroff

Teacher's Cell Phone Battery Life Throughout the Day

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By Unknown

Who young people turn to for help these days

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By Dog_lover22

That's Kinda Like History

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By dawnflash

Notice That "Taking Instagram Selfies" Isn't on the List?

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Via Pew Research Center

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By KamikazeKow

This Graph Again; You Know the Drill

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By Unknown

Maybe It's Because Students Are Becoming Progressively Worse

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By doctorseaweed

People who I notice making grammar mistakes

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By Unknown

People who use the word "meddling"

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By nosrac1701

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By heyyali
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