Toothpaste vs. Food

Bar Graph food gross oranges taste toothpaste - 6301790208
By thekidscallmeblue

Good Except for the Last Bite

taste good - 4503320832
By D3ADKi113R

Taste in Movies

Blood horror movies musicals serial killers taste venn diagram - 2450737408
By mvp6794

baby food noise Pie Chart taste thoughts - 4326482688
By frendug

apocalypse cure delicious escape find kill ocean Pie Chart taste zombie - 3615189760
By greenlantern1416

chew flavor food gum Line Graph paper seconds taste time - 3457097728
By sidelsky18

GTFO My Kitchen

food kitchen Line Graph taste - 6210437376
Via Life Hacker

color good hair Pie Chart shampoo taste - 3568277504
By FrightRat

And Yet, I Keep Chewing

chewing flavor gum Line Graph taste time - 6438587648
By 013594


awesome bad food good gross healthy kill Line Graph taste you - 2659934720
By bisk

car douchebags drive hear Music Pie Chart taste - 3424491520
By alicialmc