Talking speeds

adult bar graphs children fast radio slow spanish speed talking teenage TV - 3165188352
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OMG My Fam Iz Soooooooo Boring

dinner family omg Pie Chart talking - 5652066816
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Time Spent Talking About My Garden

better dumb neighbor Pie Chart planning questions talking - 3265927936
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Things Kids Want to Discuss In Public Places

bodily functions gender insults kids pee poop public talking weight - 2117470464
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While the Probability of Saying Something Stupid Increases

ability best of week girls Line Graph stupid talking - 5432979712
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Things My One Year Old Calls "Dada"

kid talking language dad - 7269875712
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Whatever, Sounds Fine

headphones Music Pie Chart talking - 5763702272
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This Constitutes Talking About It

rules talking fight club - 7430815232
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Hint Hint, You're Boring

boring Pie Chart talking - 4993640192
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Take a Hint

talking venn diagram - 6345599488
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How Fast Time Travels

concert fast friends hate Line Graph talking time Travel - 2581928960
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facebook im Pie Chart talking - 3862324736
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Gotta Wait Until the Second One to Show Her My Chewbacca Collection

star wars talking Pie Chart dating - 6964662784
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People you believe

believe book friend people Pie Chart professional talking website wikipedia - 2499503872
Created by The_mE

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STFU Already

Bar Graph dont-care stfu talking - 5922120448
Created by LeeLaz2008
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