While the Probability of Saying Something Stupid Increases

ability best of week girls Line Graph stupid talking - 5432979712
By Unknown

Talking speeds

adult bar graphs children fast radio slow spanish speed talking teenage TV - 3165188352
By sm9sn1

I've Got a Lot of Stuff to Do

boring Pie Chart talking - 4855597312
By Unknown

Things My One Year Old Calls "Dada"

kid talking language dad - 7269875712
By Unknown

note Pie Chart shut up talking teacher - 4061941248
By aStupidZombie

OMG My Fam Iz Soooooooo Boring

dinner family omg Pie Chart talking - 5652066816
By Meyerdude

Whatever, Sounds Fine

headphones Music Pie Chart talking - 5763702272
By Unknown

Things Kids Want to Discuss In Public Places

bodily functions gender insults kids pee poop public talking weight - 2117470464
By heather244

Take a Hint

talking venn diagram - 6345599488
By Unknown

what happens on dora

animals backpack dancing dora the explorer fox garbage Pie Chart save screaming singing spanish talking umbrella - 3162040832
By piratekitteh3

Frozen Meals

bored dying eating facebook food frozen ghosts Heat information meals movies Music pac man package post Pie Chart plot random talking the simpsons updates useful video games - 3145362688
By graphjamusername

Talking speed in parts of medicine commercials

ask commercials doctor fast medicine normal side effects slow speed talking - 3211100672
By David_the_Bored

This Constitutes Talking About It

rules talking fight club - 7430815232
By Draydeth909

Gotta Wait Until the Second One to Show Her My Chewbacca Collection

star wars talking Pie Chart dating - 6964662784
By Unknown

facebook im Pie Chart talking - 3862324736
By Unknown

The Cycle of Trying to Listen to Newly Discovered Music

listening Music new pause restart Songs talking volume - 3653949184
By Vadamerca
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