Shiitake Mushrooms!

Bar Graph kids language swearing - 4652995840
By Ethanol10

injury Pie Chart rage swearing - 3999990272
By J.D._is_addicted_to_the_knife

Fixes Everything But the Kitchen Sink

dad fixing Pie Chart sink swearing - 4308743680
By Tachyon

Grandma, You're Adorable!

age cute Line Graph swearing youth - 4262329088
By frendug

cursing die legitimate Pie Chart swearing video game - 3478120192
By VelithiriSteel

Your Boyfriend Sounds Incredibly Dull

Bar Graph language swearing - 4746158592
By Raticait

They Have to Learn Eventually

Awkward inappropriate kids Pie Chart swearing - 4654390528
By susan.clouse

Time Spent Flying Kites

flying Pie Chart running swearing time - 3220868608
By Benny_Westside

Family Guy

animation cartoons episode plot sex swear words swearing TV venn diagram - 2440876288
By RalphAndPearl

I Fell Off Again? FFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!

best of week Mario Kart Pie Chart swearing video games - 5573759744
By PhillyWillyNillyChilly

family language parents Pie Chart swearing - 4060129536
By ignus34

Swearing By Activity

Pokémon swearing Mario Kart Pie Chart - 5238825984
By Unknown

Do as I Do, Not as I Say

driving mom Pie Chart swearing - 5850101504
By Unknown