Ramen Noodle Consumption

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By TheAtarian1

Is That an A or an O?

Bar Graph handwriting school summer - 5196333056
By Jimperbam

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By Joejoe229

Every Hat Reveals A Great Deal About the Mind Beneath It

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What Else Are Summers For?

Pie Chart plans summer summer break - 6418001920
By Unknown

Finally, I'll Have Time to Sleep

parents Pie Chart school summer - 5175289344
By hamfam

It Only Takes so Many Beers Before You Start Launching Them at People

4th of july beer fireworks holiday Line Graph summer - 6390904576
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Amount of Clothing Worn by that Shy, Quiet, Cute, Nerdy Chick

amount clothing fall girl jeans Line Graph nerd quiet shorts spring summer t shirts winter woman - 2632474624
By StarsHallelujah

Seattle's Seasons

summer weather seasons winter - 7856086016
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Back to the Grind

college Sad school summer - 5148468736
By Unknown

What am I putting in storage for the summer?

pie charts storage summer graphs funny college - 7501356544
By Unknown

Importance of Shoes

Bar Graph desk importance McDonald's school shoes summer work - 3281618944
By Unknown

Seasons in the Sun

hell hot Pie Chart season summer sun texas - 4396211712
By awilyuh

I Need SPF Over 9000

summer - 5001534976
By Unknown

Vacation Clothes Reality

beds clothes difficulty packing planning summer vacation - 3668940544
By skitface

Time Sensitive Anatomy

summer - 4953107456
Via The Chlorine Mermaid
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