Things that happen during quiet moments in church

Bar Graph child church farting quiet screaming silence sneezing stomach toddler - 2447454464
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How loud you are when you sneeze

Bar Graph loud public sneezing - 6576417536
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always Bar Graph couch hiding living room never pause sitting sneeze sneezing villains - 3394508032

bless you Line Graph sneezing - 3823052288
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The Worst

Line Graph pee sneezing the worst - 5247749888
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bodily functions color Pie Chart sneezing snot - 4113429760
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When they stop saying "Bless You"

bless you doctor ocd pope sneezing - 6565061376
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What a Mess

chewing food make up Pie Chart sneezing - 5317205504
Created by GothicNightmare