Dogs: Size vs. Ego

dogs ego huge large size small tiny - 2254842112
By Shuvva

Grain of Sand

beach food large sandwiches shoes small - 1759393536
By RickC


band aids Bar Graph cut small sticky super glue - 2511278848
By Toffee99

How big people want objects to be

bar graphs big car computer huge large phone small TV - 2951154688
By P3nguinzrul3Z

cheat class crying facebook FAIL Hall of Fame notes Pie Chart procrastination reading research school small writing - 3364932096
By mashabedda

What People Do After a Small Earthquake.

facebook love people scream small - 2327575296
By ghaddiction

How much fun a Kit Kat is based on size

big fun level size small - 2959718912
By EpicFail1993

What black holes do according to the movies

crush movies Pie Chart small space - 2909904640
By ExaltedRage05

Inverse Fry/Ketchup Ratio

fast food food french fries giant ketchup meals monster small - 1850440448
By vulturepeak

They Didn't Hurt Until Now

hands Pie Chart small - 5470319360
By Unknown

Hide and Go Seek

Area bladder closet comfortable dark full good hide and seek sight small venn diagram - 3027529472
By Toffee99

Age vs Tactfulness

adult age child elderly fat Line Graph loud small teen - 2816595968
By soul_grafitti