Zombie Apocalypse Objects by Usefulness

apocalypse Bar Graph help people slow water weapon zombie - 2908768768
Created by Deathmask

Dragon Ball Z over 9000 Pie Chart slow - 3852242944
Created by mikee246

Talking speeds

adult bar graphs children fast radio slow spanish speed talking teenage TV - 3165188352
Created by sm9sn1

Chances of Quick Load of Youtube Videos

computer load quick refresh seconds slow time videos youtube - 2219021056
Created by Unknown

The Only Time I Visit Facebook

frustration internet Pie Chart slow websites - 4662507264
Created by Unknown

Sled Line-Graph

crash Line Graph ready slow - 2453285632
Created by otterfiend

What women do in the shower according to men

foam men Pie Chart play sandbags sexuality shower slow washing women - 3227829504
Created by Tupungato

How I Spend My Time in Zelda

slow zelda - 7162346752
Created by Unknown

What people say or do when they see a bad car accident

accident bad car god help metal slow stare - 2944185856
Created by Superzac

cars driving fast slow speed traffic - 2156562688
Created by mmstone

Speed Of Line at Market

fast grocery stores line slow speed walking - 2332913920
Created by ShadowDialga

Same Applies to Cross Walks

elevator slow Pie Chart - 6891077120
Created by markot9

Talking speed in parts of medicine commercials

ask commercials doctor fast medicine normal side effects slow speed talking - 3211100672
Created by David_the_Bored

browser Line Graph rage slow - 3831742976
Created by oddo323

When slow Internet is acceptable

internet Pie Chart slow - 6514148608
Created by Unknown