Sweet Dreams

dreams fear Pie Chart sleeping - 4563068928
By rapture45

Sweet Dreams, Goldilocks

cold hot sleeping - 6391174912
By 19Zoey88

Whose Bed Is This?

bed dogs sleeping venn diagram - 5774599424
By 34576473

Where Does the Time Go

time school venn diagram social life sleeping Jedi - 6752043520
Via Bayantwopointoh

Procrastination and Sleeping Should Always Almost be Equal

school procrastinating sleeping college Pie Chart - 7867705088
By Unknown

Feeling for My Alarm Clock

morning Pie Chart sleeping waking up - 4356161792
By cook_ayy

Falling asleep VS. being woken up

alarm annoying asleep impossible late simple sleep sleeping work - 2053864704
By breahali

Tossing and Turning

Bar Graph sleeping - 5177853952
By Anime4evs

I Think I'll Just Go Back to Bed

bed morning sleeping Pie Chart waking up - 5340900096
By Unknown


homework napping parents Pie Chart sleeping studying - 4725463296
By Unknown

Poor Sleepy Arachnologists

fear Pie Chart sleeping spiders study - 4543036416
By Unknown

Bar Graph children nap parents sleeping - 3821611520
By Sarbear72

Does this annoy anyone else?

Line Graph insomnia sleeping - 6750493696
By DarkMouser

bed night Pie Chart sleeping wtf - 4444569088
By MorgieLikesSkittles

How To Avoid Getting Fired

infographic sleeping - 7768244992
By Unknown

College Life

college culture discovery drinking independent learning mistakes napping parents sleeping smoking study - 1848110848
By HongKongCandy
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