What World of Warcraft players desperately need

boyfriend exercise girlfriend need Pie Chart sleep world of warcraft - 2369098496
By WalRoss

Oh Hey Insomnia

energy insomnia night Pie Chart sleep - 4636070912
By stormchaser319

Shouldn't Have Fallen Asleep

dreams Father Inception miles Pie Chart sleep - 4258698496
By takagir111

What Does the Scouter Say About His Sleep Habits?

energy Line Graph over 9000 sleep - 6094938624
By Unknown

Chances the Gay Guys Living in the Apartment Next Door are Having Sex

eating food gay ipod parents sex sleep - 1809263872
By gdawg99

bed katy perry Pie Chart sleep twitter - 4395884800
By dmkellman

My College Life

college school homework sleep social life venn diagram - 6642614528
Via I Love Charts

Lots of Words... Make Me.... ZZZZzzzzz

facts infographic interesting sheep sleep - 4369026048
By liepster

The Best Part of Waking Up Is...

morning amazing sleep waking up - 6795444992
By Red1Fawx

counting minutes Pie Chart sleep - 4374470912
By Unknown

Man's Best Friend? I Think Not

sleep dogs Pie Chart - 5235291648
By HarryPotterNerd

The Endless Sleep Cycle

schedule cycle sleep - 7777485056
By Unknown

Shut Up and Internet

flow chart internet shut up sleep work - 6443088640
Via The Dog House Diaries

How comfortable your bed is

comfort morning sleep - 1807311104
By CatofUlthar

Ready and Raring to Go

kids Line Graph sleep - 4772483328
By Unknown

alarm lady gaga nap Pie Chart poke poker face singer sleep Songs water - 3413931008
By grantly0711
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