Time spent eating an orange

black brown color eating girls kids orange peel Pie Chart pink skin the simpsons venn diagram yellow - 2983136512
By tabbythenutter

fingers metal Pie Chart skin - 4225170176
By alazak

Cartoons that still run after 10+ years

animation cartoons characters Pokémon skin SpongeBob SquarePants stars the simpsons venn diagram yellow - 3311152640
By snaked

ads clothing Pie Chart selling skin - 4094722048
By redrover1988

Every. Damn. Time

Blood skin Pie Chart - 6828540672
By WorstPersonEvar

Skin Tone vs Time

Line Graph michael jackson skin - 6215862272
By Janichsan

How Long it Takes for Super Glue to Dry

dry glue metal plastic skin super glue wood - 2273192192
By Toffee99