Obnoxiousness of the chipmunk previews

animation chipmunks first kill Line Graph movies now previews second sequels - 3029159936
By IamHasBob

Popularity of Saw Movies compared to Number of Sequels

halloween horror movies sequels - 2694610688
By Tsmithpcengine

Portal 2 Is Finally Here!

Pie Chart Portal sequels video games - 4596418816
By superkitteh1234

Wholesomeness of Disney

alive disney disney channel Line Graph pixar sequels - 2819982080
By erin.bffl

Chances of a Sequel Being as Good as the Original

book movies original sequels video games - 2340073216
By operationsealion

Ways the Movie Industry Can Make More Money

hollywood money Movie previews sequels - 6296519424
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