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I Expect Nothing Less From The Comments Below

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By Steelsammy

Someone Has Their Priorities Straight

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By jgarcia12332

At Least My Priorities Are Right

Pie Chart pr0n priorities self referential - 5932294912
By Daniel R

Priorities Set!

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By TheGent

More Bar Graphs, Please

color blind hate Pie Chart self referential - 5844911104
By reganelysabeth

Reasons Why I Want A Cat

Cats internet pets Pie Chart self referential - 6509056256
By cocoa_bear

Well, That's Something

Pie Chart procrastination self referential today - 6436164864
By Unknown

First World Voting Problems

First World Problems Pie Chart self referential - 5845000704
By itsumobaka


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By Unknown

Why I made this Graph

graph Pie Chart self referential - 6249478912
By Unknown

How Often the "ALL the Things!" Meme is Overused

pie charts self referential - 6549700352
By Unknown

A Complaint Inside a Complaint: Lamentation

Inception Memes self referential Skyrim - 5585931520
By snakebarnes

Graphs on GraphJam

meta self referential Pie Chart - 7125890048
By ThatGuyAllAloneInTheCorner

100% Accurate:

accurate best of week graphjam Pie Chart self referential - 5433771008
By NateTheGrape

Oh God, They're Going to Freak Out Over 'Everye'

comments Pie Chart self referential - 5796220160
By Unknown

I Need That Last One to Complete the Set!

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By SoaD_ftw36
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