Never Pee In the Amazon

animals nature Pie Chart scary - 4800174336
By Donotquestionme

Scariness of Horror Movie

bed horror movies scared scary - 2084635392
By Unknown

control faster motivation Movie Pie Chart scary water - 3498929920
By SFfan

Scariness of Spiders vs. Their Position

close floor heart attack on scary spiders wall - 2271765248
By robbitthehobbit

Read It, if You Have the Constitution

america best of week halloween Maps scary states - 5336190976
By stewtopia (Via

burnt Pie Chart scary toast war - 4112403968
By ThemelonofDOOM

The Dog Is Trying to Kill Me

dogs pets scary stairs - 4896538368
By cobrabk

Doctor Who Related Fears

scary doctor who - 7219038464
By Unknown

Why I Don't Want Kids

Pie Chart scary - 4842900736

Pie Chart scary toast - 3924139008
By Hintfo

Classic: Read It, if You Have the Constitution

america halloween scary - 6674509056
Via Pleated Jeans

Use of Flashlights

flashlight lightsaber product scary star wars - 1443364096
By Afterburner

Classic: It'd Take a Lot Less to Scare Me to Death

best of week scary - 5230091520
By Unknown

chart art ride scary - 3965938688
By mmike0502

Not Pictured: Checking My Pulse and Nearly Wetting Myself

amnesia best of week Pie Chart scary video games - 5174613760
By Unknown

Horror of Name Vs. It's Actual Scariness

horror scary - 7703851264
Via xkcd
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