Pie Chart pikachu Pokémon run zubat - 4171450368

Things People Yell When They See Me Running

bag Bar Graph fire nothing run running see yell - 2511464192
Created by Unknown

cold monster night Pie Chart run rush stairs - 3596734720
Created by 322111

It's Just Got Too Many Legs

legs Pie Chart run spiders - 6379603968
Created by goody_two_shoes

Toys 'R' Alive?

Music Pie Chart run store toys - 4243232768
Created by CodySimpsonToronto

enjoyment of Army life

army Bar Graph buy drink life miles military run - 2394905856
Created by xenofreak7

How many times someone will trip themselves up while running away from something

fall movies run walk - 2167922944
Created by GazUtd

Who is most likely to run you over

Bar Graph cars driving elderly over run - 2888109312
Created by simplyk