Retail: The customer is always

asshole customers retail right work - 2498827520
By KingTomburger

Sometimes Being Right and Being a d*ck Are the Same

right correct - 7688781824
By Unknown

Where the monster is in horror movies

behind horror left monster movies right scary waiting - 2231475456
By boogoyle22

Chart of Correctness

right pun correct pie graph - 7662455552
By SpaceNerd27

Relationship Dynamics

girlfriend relationship right venn diagram - 3104349184
By dob86

Also, Quickly Shift to Left

bicycle left Pie Chart right - 5386099968
By Unknown

Position of liquid spillage on my pants

crotch left leg looks pants Pie Chart right spill - 2703060480
By GazUtd

The Customer Is Always...

always customers right tool wrong - 2049479936
By starcommandjenn

Husband Guide to Arguments

arguments guide happy husband right venn diagram wife - 3134865664
By preserver3

"I'm With Stupid" Shirts

clothing left Pie Chart right stupid T.Shirt - 2671715328
By chezzxpert101