Honey Badger's Chart of Regrets

nothing regret - 7682384128
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A Telling Pie Chart

gross regret - 6815346944
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The Best Things in Life

life regret - 6827014912
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Should You Get a Tattoo?

flowchart tattoo regret - 7047003136
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Replotted: At This Point I Think Stephenie Meyer Is the Person Who Doesn't

Pie Chart regret replotted stephenie meyer twilight - 5486324224
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Alcohol vs. Regret

alcohol booze Line Graph regret - 6119651840
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Insomnia Jeopardy

Jeopardy insomnia sleep regret money - 6870267136
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Hours of Your Life You Will Never Get Back

best of week Farmville Pie Chart regret - 5448896768
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