real life

Danger of Stepping on Banana

banana Bar Graph cartoons Mario Kart real life video games - 2776418816
Created by JDTemple

How cool you are if you own a Snuggie

average awesome bar graphs cool real life snuggie TV weird - 2998015744
Created by rinirae

people who say: life is not like a movie

movies real life Pie Chart - 6671851776
Created by roei1234

Bar Graph hate likely movies people real life sex - 3546886144

csi DNA Line Graph Movie real life time TV - 3408991744
Created by Unknown

how girls react to boy wearing axe

Bar Graph boys cologne commercials cute girls gross interest KISS real life reality - 2606324736
Created by SoiJoi

Chances Bad Guy will leave you locked in a room full of handy things to construct an escape weapon/tool with

bad escape guy movies Pie Chart real life room tool weapon - 3143510784
Created by hahaitsfake

Lotto Winning Frequency

Bar Graph books movies real life winning - 6579119360
Created by Rage_Machine

I Always Wear Bobby Pins Just In Case

Bar Graph movies real life - 4849037056
Created by sean0507

Time it takes to fall in love (average)

Bar Graph days fall love months movies real life weeks years - 2559642368
Created by Unknown

Chances that the bad guy you just shot a bunch of times is really dead.

action bad Bar Graph dead guy horror movies real life shot - 3172467200
Created by JohnnyReb27


friends real life sitcoms TV venn diagram - 6183126272
Created by StarsHallelujah


movies mystery real life TV - 2566086912
Created by dogheadbuttchow

Clothes Bar Graph IRL

Bar Graph real life clothes - 7726134784
Created by Unknown

Lethality of Substance in Games vs Real Life

Bar Graph Death lava real life video games water - 2660481280
Created by Unknown

Taco Bell's 4th meal

ads appearance burgers commercials eat fast food fat food obese package post real life size taco bell TV - 3311174912
Created by SuperErin
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