handwriting lady gaga Pie Chart poker face read song - 3539824128
By Unknown

Book Costs

Bar Graph book college cost enjoy kids read textbook - 2776165376
By Killerwombat2112

How Long It Takes to Read the Paper Just Handed to You

Bar Graph long minutes movies paper read real life seconds time - 2764466432
By Unknown

Well, This Is Depressing

literature read unfortunate books - 7155719168
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Don't Stop Until You Get to the End

read flowchart - 7016470528
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Things people do with joke-a-day calendars

calendar day joke one open Pie Chart read - 2897895936
By Nuetch

You've Probably Never Read It

best of week college english hipster major Movie read truancy story venn diagram - 5640431104
By greenwatches

Things to Do Without Access To The Internet

book hell McDonald's naps read sadness - 2224945408
By Unknown

Vanity License Plates

clever Pie Chart read stupid - 3268396288
By ekipke

magazines old Pie Chart read school - 3456187136
By connorr134

People who check the "I have read the Terms of Services" box...

box check click not Pie Chart read - 3197725184
By ElMikkino

Things I read at breakfast

book breakfast food mail meal newspaper Pie Chart read - 2542130432
By Unknown