Things My Roomates Talk About When Stoned

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Created by radioactive_bob

How Rich Are the Richest Americans?

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Via United for a Fair Economy

LOL, How Do I Venn Diagram?

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Created by Riley ( Via Upworthy )

Let's Have a Gay Old Time For Gay Marriage

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Via I Love Charts

President's Popularity

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Created by StarsHallelujah

The Only Winning Move...

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Created by Unknown
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Here's One Diagram That Explains Every Conspiracy Against Donald Trump

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Now That the Election is Over

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Created by PrincessWordplay

Happy Hour

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Via Jest

TV Land Electorate

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Via Slate

US Economy, Reagan - Obama

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Created by chadd990

Confidence in Ability to Be President Is the First Disqualification

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Created by snakebarnes
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Canada Gets Rid of the Penny (Huzzah!)

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When a country's problems are important

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Created by KingEman

Here Comes the Money!

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Via Forbes

The Art of Political Propaganda

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Created by Unknown
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