Amount of effort I Put into Life

life minecraft Pie Chart Pokémon school video games - 6266176000
Created by Unknown

Pokemon Punctuation

pie charts Pokémon punctuation graphs funny - 7601549824
Created by theguyfromacrosstheblock

Followed By a Critical Against You

Pie Chart Pokémon - 5766359296
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Pie Chart Pokémon television Theme Song - 4055210496
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Pokémon Haters Use Self-Destruct

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Created by m1tchell

They Don't Cover the Names of Pokemon Until the Second Year Classes

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Created by NightGlider

Welcome! Have a Nice Day! Welcome!

Pie Chart Pokémon welcome - 4266618112
Created by brawlmaster

The Periodic Table Used Pokéfy

periodic table Pokémon - 5323336704
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Pokedex Updated

Pokémon infographic - 7763531520
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I'm Still Going to Name My Children After Pokemon

batman best of week childhood plans Pokémon - 5883097088
Via Pleated Jeans

Teaching Kids Important Life Lessons Since 1998

kids Pokémon venn diagram - 5677397248
Created by keivant12

And Just Forget Trying to Make Them Sleep

Pie Chart Pokémon sleep sting - 5621851904
Created by Unknown

Cartoons that still run after 10+ years

animation cartoons characters Pokémon skin SpongeBob SquarePants stars the simpsons venn diagram yellow - 3311152640
Created by snaked

My pokemon's leveling up bar

Pokémon video games - 7307216128
Created by Unknown

Hipsters Evolved Before It Was Cool

Harry Potter hipsters infographic Pokémon triangle zelda - 4263730688
Created by Unknown

Playing Pokemon

Pokémon video games - 7371188224
Created by DerpyHooves29
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