Pie Chart

What People Say in Movies When Someone Returns After Completing a Huge Task

movies Pie Chart - 6567687424
By Unknown

Save Time; Start With a Salad

noms Pie Chart taco - 5114133248
By Baconyin

Questions to ask yourself before eating a 15 pound cheeseburger

Text - Questions to ask yourself before eating a 15 pound cheeseburger Am I really that hungry, or should order the 12 pound cheese burger? Does it come with fries? Would it be easier to order 60 quarter pounders? Can I get it on a low- carb bun? How expensive is it to be buried in a piano case?
By markot9

This Graph Literally Made Me Lol

best of week grammar literally lol Pie Chart - 5380888320
By Unknown

Me Gusta Salsa

chips me gusta Memes Pie Chart salsa - 4000170752
By brookiecookie1009

I'll Have What the Dog's Having

chicken nuggets dog food eating Pie Chart play-doh toddlers - 4330185216
By Unknown

Where's Bin Lado?

bin Laden hiding osama Pie Chart waldo - 4715983872
By Unknown

moon Pie Chart - 4068695296
By Unknown

Damn Gary Busey videos...

internet Pie Chart - 6225359616
By 44kaliberliebesbrief

Olympic Hockey without Saku Koivu

hockey Pie Chart olympics sports - 7991740672
By Unknown

Cleanliness Leads to Smudge-Free Selfies

washing hands mobile phones Pie Chart - 7846551040
By sshoihet

Things pet owners make graphs of:

awesome graphs hair pets Pie Chart - 6521520896
By justdoug

When There's "No Food" At Home

food Pie Chart - 7040114176
By Unknown


best of week Pie Chart video games - 5714306048
By Hoopdog

And to Look Busy

check phone Pie Chart text time - 5009327104
By fabulousfeet96

Why are you buying a new iPhone?

apple buying iphone 5 Pie Chart - 6584879104
By Emmer (Via Just Say Mehbe )