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Questions you'll answer on the phone in retail

business hours job phone retail store - 1525014272
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I Just Didn't Want to Talk to You, Mom

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By Unknown

And to Look Busy

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By fabulousfeet96

Is Your Name Ricki Roll?

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By K-Dawg87

Can't Stop the Music

Music phone Pie Chart quiet room volume - 4269894400
By liliop

The Most Frequently Used Feature

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By InABox

Uh Huh. Yep. What? Who Died?

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By ringsmackie

Less Is More

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Calls on Home Land Line

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By jenjenjude

Things Done With a Brand New Phone

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By kcgrassm

Back Away From the Phone

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Getting Creative

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By WilliamKeckler

If Only They Made Little Pouches in Your Pants That Could Hold Such Things

Bar Graph call phone pockets - 5806512896
By rvg1981
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