I Just Didn't Want to Talk to You, Mom

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Created by Unknown

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Created by Unknown

Do You Angry Birds?

cell phone cost gaming infographic internet mobile phone - 5038590464
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I Wuv U Sweety!

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Line Graph loud phone - 3941822464
Created by kcgrassm

A Toddler's Perception of Household Objects

food kids phone - 4889089536
Created by Unknown

Uh Huh. Yep. What? Who Died?

Death internet listening phone Pie Chart what - 4438035456
Created by ringsmackie

Better Than Making Friends With a Pole

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Created by fadlkgfjeiubiejbkejgekg

When do I play games on my Phone ?

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Created by thepwnman5

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I Was Rocking Out!

App First World Problems phone Pie Chart texting - 5175764736
Created by Mudkip74

Hope It Wasn't Important

important phone Pie Chart text - 5843097856
Created by Unknown

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Created by bigupz2jesus

Just Don't Ask It to Gain Self-Awareness

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Created by Greg Kroleski

Calls on Home Land Line

call home phone telemarketer - 1404283136
Created by jenjenjude
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