cat furniture infographic pet scratch - 3749192960
By Atparodys

Time it takes your pet to care that you've fallen over and can't get up

Bar Graph care cat dogs fall pet time - 2510627584
By will_f1986

Monkeys Do Not Cure Loneliness

pet lonely - 4515339520
By Unknown

Names I Call My Dog

pet dogs name Pie Chart - 7001310464
By Unknown

The End Result is the Same – Lacerations

cat How To pet - 7703808256
Via Bits of Ku

Where your cat wants to sleep vs. how allergic you are to her

bed cat pet sleep - 1479320320
By cattieloves

How Loud My Dog Is

Bar Graph dogs pet quiet - 3867909376
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Bar Graph hamster pet wheel - 3863183104
By Dhsu

bus cat creepy dogs emoticon Hall of Fame hamster person pet reaction - 3513767424
By munchmunchmunch

When my cat wants attention

attention bathroom cat food pet - 1426388224
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My Cat's Interest in Me vs. What I am Doing

Awkward Bar Graph cat pet playing TV video games watching wii yoga - 2416969984
By SerenityLibs

You Sound Like a Bozo

cute pet Pie Chart talking - 4468698368
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Cats face happy Line Graph pet reason scratch - 3539610112
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Presentation Is Key

Cats food pet Pie Chart - 4838334976
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