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By solrosan

Thanksgiving Dinner sizes

amount dinner eating food holidays meals person size stomach thanksgiving venn diagram wanted - 2889024000

When the automatic sink turns off

automatic Bar Graph move off person sink you - 2997743616
By BobManPerson

Time it takes to use self-checkout at Walmart

Bar Graph before person self checkout time use Walmart wal mart you - 3215501312
By organfleisch

Amount of time it takes to get medicine at the pharmacy.

Bar Graph forever front me medicine person seconds time waiting - 3039055616
By youknowme121212

People show their true feelings...

church internet never person show true - 2508151552
By jonball717

Difficulty of Task as Perceived by the Average Person

average Bar Graph cooking correct difficulty easy grammar hard meal person spelling task - 2543504896
By GrinningColossus

How Often A Device Will Work

always break day device fix Line Graph never normal person show work - 2523560960
By Unknown

bus cat creepy dogs emoticon Hall of Fame hamster person pet reaction - 3513767424
By munchmunchmunch

My reaction to deaths in movies

character cry Death dogs favorite happy Line Graph movies normal person reaction - 2610622208
By Loltater

How High people can jump

average Bar Graph character high jump olympics person video games - 2743710208
By Unknown