Safe... This Time

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By Unknown

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By omfgnoway

We're #1!

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By joshONmars

Seriously, Where Does It Come From?

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By horia13

The Worst

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By Alexwin

Things a five year old boy can get away with that I can't

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By ten-eight-cious

Things my dog does when it snows

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By Michelle_CAAAT

Bear Grylls Approved

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By CMK312

Things People Say When a Movie Finishes in the Theaters

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By buhbek

Practice Your Aim!

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By Jottunrot

You'll Miss the Climax if You Go

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By emanedoc1

The Public Pool Is Such a Happy Place

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By lianne098

Why I Drink Alone in the Bathroom

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By bradleyzimmer

Wait For It

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By Unknown

Content of an average public swimming pool.

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By Waarde

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