Crack Up or Crack Out?

butt crack out pants Pie Chart plumber - 4242661888
By Beanbot

Who Needs Pants?

wtf pants happy - 5138660096
By PwnPal

What Your Pants Say About You

pants clothes parents - 6815657728
By Unknown

At Least It's Not on the Floor

pants Pie Chart - 5639412224
By TraNE577

Just Be Glad They Aren't Wearing Matching Tracksuits

clothes girls pants Pie Chart yoga - 4551787520
By offtotheplace

Should I go to Class Today?

classmates drunk FAIL flow chart halo no pants professor test yes - 3339988224
By fishmalk

How time is spent at a Port-a-John

Bar Graph bathroom breath cleaning pants seat standing touching - 2292939520
By ten-eight-cious
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