Buying PC Games

cheap computer expensive fun games horrible out PC play venn diagram video games - 3112449024
By Orionssock

Crack Up or Crack Out?

butt crack out pants Pie Chart plumber - 4242661888
By Beanbot

Probability of Things Being Cold After Leaving Them out for 5 Minutes

Bar Graph beer coffee cold left minutes out soda - 2623598848
By alphag

Time my hair looks good

Bar Graph friend good hair home looks out perfect pretty school sucks - 2998158080
By Unknown

Useage of 'LOL' when texting

actually laugh lol loud out texting usage venn diagram write - 3162695680
By ppowers

Temperature of vehicle while heading to work

cars leaving Line Graph out parking parking space road temperature trucks vehicle work - 2980357888
By rob222