That's Why Old Couples Hate Each Other

age attractiveness couples hate old - 5443914752
By RavenRawr

Feelings About Being Naked in the Mens Locker Room by Age

adults age au natural Bar Graph locker room men old teens young - 2682819840
By BrianM753

How scared you get when someone jumps out and says "Boo" vs. Age

adult age change child jump karate Line Graph nothing old pants scared teen young - 2838234368
By bob8065

when someone says 10 years ago you think of

90s old Pie Chart - 6526347008
By furryfuz

Attractiveness of Speedo vs. Age

age attractive old young - 2531205632
By Unknown


Babies Death desire gifts old socks teens young - 2199991552
By camleiben

Bed Time vs. Age

age bed early late old time young - 2330868992
By rmayt

Success is...

age friends Line Graph money old pants peeing sex success teen young - 3010580224
By Red15nukes

Content of Nickelodon

cartoons crappy nickelodeon old Pie Chart sitcoms SpongeBob SquarePants - 2663617024
By SpazzAttack

So Horribly Wrinkly

Line Graph locker room men old - 6157098240
By chrisicarus711

Uses for a Car Horn

anger attention avoid cars horns old people sayings scare - 2315413248
By Characins

Birthday Milestones

old alcohol birthday driving voting - 6870252032
Via Pleated Jeans

Believed Maturity of Cursing vs. Age

adults age children curse words cursing elderly old teens young - 2186368256
By way2odd

What you see on Chatroulette

drugs ladyfunbags male men old Pie Chart women - 3283260160
By K0ilar

Blind Goggles

attraction drunk old Pie Chart - 5555734272
By Unknown

Amount of Swears per Conversation

age amount conversation elderly Line Graph old swears teenagers young - 3031071232
By Dumbface
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