Things That Are Happening Behind Construction Cones

construction nothing - 1842529536
By juan.ibanes

What I care about these days

i dont care nothing Pie Chart - 6554307840
By Philipp_

What Your Dog Will Bark At

bark Cats dogs nothing Pie Chart - 2555142656
By valeriecide

Bar Graph drunk exercise friend health laugh nothing war - 3366034688
By Chagrin

Chances of Marketing Phonecall vs Activity

eating marketing nothing phone calls poop sleeping telemarketer toilet TV watching - 2063004416
By hestasrewind

Probability that you have done something wrong

nothing probability Sad talk wrong - 2654878720
By Zoda-Z

Things People Yell When They See Me Running

bag Bar Graph fire nothing run running see yell - 2511464192
By Unknown

How scared you get when someone jumps out and says "Boo" vs. Age

adult age change child jump karate Line Graph nothing old pants scared teen young - 2838234368
By bob8065

Maybe If You Just Do Nothing...

air hockey competition game goal nothing Pie Chart - 5518485248
By Unknown

Peoples reactions when witnessing an accident

911 call emergency idiots nothing Pie Chart stare Video - 2598480896
By electricger

What Causes Shoplifting Alarms

alarm nothing Pie Chart - 2689663488
By Noha307

What I Like About Twilight...

movies nothing twilight - 3696035840
By Unknown

What really happens when you receive a chain mail

annoy crazy flowchart friends nothing people send - 2716455936
By EternoAprendiz

internet nothing Pie Chart repair wireless - 3506095872
By neilcampbell31


apathy best of week care nothing Pie Chart - 5159928832
By worksucks

Honey Badger's Chart of Regrets

nothing regret - 7682384128
By silas_co
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