Time Spent Cleaning Room

cleaning nostalgia memories room Pie Chart - 7001222912
By zigguratmat

Making Mistakes Is Part of Life, Especially Your Life

best of week mistakes nostalgia Pie Chart - 5839252224
By matadon

Nostalgia Never Tasted so Good

best of week cereal food nostalgia - 5967236096
By Unknown

80s Bar Graph childhood nostalgia tetris - 3781817600
By lokop252

People Who Say "Back In My Day..."

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By BobPowes

What I do when cleaning my room

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By Unknown

You Find So Much Good Stuff

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By zigguratmat

80s cartoons nostalgia Pie Chart - 3765521408
By synsoul

What I Remember From My Childhood

childhood nostalgia Pie Chart - 3825660928
By inkytabitha

I Love the Smell of Crayons in the Morning

ages coloring crayons Line Graph nostalgia - 4828391424
By Imonadrug