Evilness according to people

Bar Graph evil jerk kanye west nice normal satan - 3309664768
By kittybird

What the Hell Is Safe Mode Anyway?

windows normal - 4513873152
By brett6781

Things people think I'll do because I like Heavy Metal.

angry Babies children eat everyone girl guitar heavy metal Music normal Pie Chart scare school shoot teenage - 3072424448
By Rayray94

It's Complicated

other complicated normal dating - 6822906880
Via Pleated Jeans

Who uses the "Disabled" toilet

big cleanliness grandma normal parking Pie Chart space toilet uses - 3267491840
By Fishenfaust

Speed of dialouge in tv shows

dialogue fast news normal speed tv shows - 2212549888
By TheInvisibleMonkey123

Bar Graph loud mumbling normal soft teacher voice volume yelling - 3404846080
By Unknown

Likability Of People Who Use the Word "Like"

always annoying day friend hour like normal teens word - 2203996928
By Unknown

How Often A Device Will Work

always break day device fix Line Graph never normal person show work - 2523560960
By Unknown

How Midwesterners see the U.S.

americans mountains normal old people people usa - 2325787392
By euphgeek

Awkward Bar Graph normal say silence stupidity - 3553264640
By amoabulla

Talking speed in parts of medicine commercials

ask commercials doctor fast medicine normal side effects slow speed talking - 3211100672
By David_the_Bored

Candy Package Sizes v.s. How Fun They Are

bar candy cool fun normal size Travel WoW - 1996078848
By Unknown

My reaction to deaths in movies

character cry Death dogs favorite happy Line Graph movies normal person reaction - 2610622208
By Loltater

People who use the word "meddling"

animation english normal people scooby doo teachers TV villains words - 2218000640
By nosrac1701

normal Pie Chart - 4374084864
By Unknown
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